Membership benefits

Membership of the Branch gives you the right to help, advice and representation from our trained representatives when you need it – however small or large your problem may seem. We also campaign collectively for improvement in our members’ working conditions, at the workplace level and across Brussels.

Individual benefits

The benefits of joining the branch include:

  • advice, support and representation from trained GMB representatives, backed up by full-time GMB staff and GMB resources where necessary;
  • regular meetings and events organised throughout the year;
  • regular employment advice surgeries throughout the year, giving advice on any problems members have;
  • full financial support in case of any legal action required in relation to your employment;
  • other benefits provided from the GMB Brussels Branch according to demand, including training for EU concours at a special price for members.

Members may also of course benefit from any of the offers and benefits organised by the GMB for all GMB members.

Collective benefits

GMB members campaign collectively to protect their working rights and improve their working conditions, and by joining the GMB you can benefit from and also get involved in these campaigns.

Where we have a number of members in the same workplace, GMB raises issues with employers collectively on behalf of all staff and supports members to organise activities in their own workplace.

In the European Parliament, GMB liaises directly with the Parliamentary authorities on behalf of all MEP Assistants and Stagiaires and campaigns to improve their rights and conditions. We also organise activities and events within the Parliament.

Any questions?

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.