Joining the GMB: frequently asked questions

  • Who can join?
    The GMB is a general union. This means anyone can join.

  • How much does it cost?
    GMB Membership costs:
    €14.00 per month for full-time workers;
    €7.40 per month for part-time workers; or
    €3.15 per month for stagiaires.
    For stagiaires there is also the option of an annual payment of €37.50.

  • What is included?
    Please click here for information on our membership benefits.

  • My employer is anti-Trade Unions. Will they find out if I join?
    No. All correspondence from us is sent to the email address that you choose to provide to us, which need not be your work address. Your membership details are treated with complete confidentiality. Your employer has no right to know whether you are a member of a Trade Union.

  • I am an MEP Assistant. Does it matter what political or national group I work for?
    No, it doesn’t matter. We represent MEP Assistants and stagiaires of all nationalities and political groups. Our members are in various delegations across the European Parliament.

  • I am a Stagiaire. Can I join?
    Absolutely. If you are an unpaid or low-paid stagiaire we have a special membership rate of €3.15 per month.

  • What if I am already a member of another Trade Union?
    There is no reason you cannot be a member of more than one Trade Union. Many people choose to keep their membership of their old Union when they move from one workplace to another. However, unless you are a member of the GMB Brussels Branch, we will not be able to give you help or advice when you need it.

  • What if I am already a member of another branch of the GMB?
    We can arrange to transfer you quickly and easily to the Brussels Branch. Just get in touch with us and provide your name, address, contact details, and GMB membership number and we will arrange this.

  • I don’t have time to attend Branch meetings or events. Does that matter?
    No. We’d be delighted if you got involved, but this is entirely up to you. If you cannot (or prefer not to) attend meetings, you can always speak to us privately, or ask a Branch Officer to raise an issue at a meeting on your behalf.

Any other questions?

Please get in touch with us and we will answer any other questions you have.