Your Reps

If you need help or advice with any problem at work, please contact Caitlin on or Alice on We are here to help!


President: Alice Reynolds

Secretary: Caitlin Griffith Otway

Treasurer: Emily Stewart

Auditors: Maggie Coulthard 

Equalities Officer: Caroline Rooks

Training Officer: Ellie Walden

Race Officer: Shamik Das

Youth Officer: Jozef Pres

Women’s Officer: Caitlin Griffith Otway

Social Secretary: Elspeth Paterson

Membership Officer: Isobel Laing

Workplace Organisers

Your workplace organisers are:

Siobhan Dillon

Caitlin Griffith Otway

Alice Reynolds

If you have any issues at work or want to talk to one of our workplace organisers please contact Alice on