Your Reps

If you need help or advice with any problem at work, please contact Alice on We are here to help, no matter how small your problem seems.


Presidents: Charlotte Butterick

Secretary: Alice Reynolds

Treasurer: Emily Stewart

Auditors: Adam Terry and Maggie Coulthard 

Equalities Officer: Caroline Rooks

Training Officer: Robert Girgis

Race Officer: Shamik Das

Youth Officer: Elliot Robson

Women’s Officer: Caitlin Griffith Otway

Social Secretary: Elspeth Paterson

Membership Officer: Isobel Laing

Workplace Organisers

Your workplace organisers are:

Charlotte Butterick

Robert Girgis

Siobhan Dillon

Caitlin Griffith Otway

Alice Reynolds

If you have any issues at work or want to talk to one of our workplace organisers please contact Alice on