The Union for Brussels-based workers

The GMB Brussels Branch is the only branch of a UK Trade Union operating in Brussels. This means we can offer you the best of both worlds. All of our members and officers work in Brussels and so they understand the Brussels working environment. But at the same time, as part of the GMB Trade Union with over 610,000 members, we can call upon greater resources when our members need them.

The GMB is a general Union; this means anyone can join. We are well placed to represent ex-pats from the UK who are working in Brussels, and we can offer help and advice on your employment situation both in UK and Belgian law. We are also in a very good position to represent members who are not from the UK but who work for UK public bodies and UK employers here in Brussels. We are an international Branch – although we are part of a UK Trade Union, our members are from many different nationalities.

Membership of the Branch gives you the right to help, advice and representation from our trained representatives when you need it – however small or large your problem may seem. We also campaign collectively for improvement in our members’ working conditions, at the workplace level and across Brussels.

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