GMB supports Brussels members at national and regional level

The GMB’s Southern Region delegation to Congress, which will be held in June 2012, will support two motions submitted by Brussels Branch on posted workers and MEP Assistants.

The delegation decided at its meeting on Friday that it would support the motions. This follows an earlier decision by the GMB’s Central Executive Committee to support the motions, and means that the Branch is well on its way to receiving national endorsement for its motions at Congress.

The first motion from Brussels Branch highlights the situation of many GMB members in Brussels, who are posted workers (or are led to believe they are posted workers) but often find that their basic rights are not upheld. The GMB Brussels Branch has recently supported a number of members whose rights under Belgian and European law were not protected.

The second motion from the Branch concerns the situation of MEPs’ Assistants in the European Parliament. Current staff regulations mean that Assistants, who are not covered by any national employment law, can be dismissed without justification, without a fair hearing and without compensation – a situation that is not considered reasonable or decent in any other workplace.

The Branch’s delegate to GMB Congress, Kieron Merrett, will move the motions at Congress in Brighton (UK) in June.